Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Carlos Volunteer Extraordinary

When we arrived the first day for clinic we were enthusiastically greeted by a gentleman that I recognised from three years ago.  He was in his volunteers smock, looking very professional.  I decided to find out more about him.  At first he did not want to talk about himself, but we worked on him and finally got the story.
He was born in Peru 75 years ago of parents with a Chinese background and married a woman from Japan.  After working many years in Peru in buisness administration, he moved to Japan until he was ready to retire.  To get his pension for time worked in Peru, he had to return. That was about 8 years ago and he has not yet cleared the paperwork.
To keep from being bored at home he started volunteering at the hospital.  He had received much help from others during his life, and he felt it was time to give back.  To quote him "A person who doesn't live to serve, doesn't live".


He does many things for us including getting lunch.  Helping with the children and families. 
He also likes to work with the volunteer groups because he knows most of are are here to help and not for our own gain.
I for one am proud that he chooses to work with us.

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