Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Finally we get to do some surgey

Today we were able to do 4 cases, but only because I have a really great team that was will to be inventive. All of the patients required skin grafts that we do not like to do late in a trip because of the need for dressing changes before we leave.
One patient is Yajaira who was burned while helping her mother cook over an open fire. She has had many operations, but could still not close mouth completely. This makes eating difficult. We were able to improve that situation today.
The Mother showed us a picture of her at age 4 when she won a beauty contest.

This is her current condition.

After releasing the tissue and putting in skin from her abdomen.

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  1. I'm short on words here -- what you and your team does probably seems normal; I can hear you saying that this is just what you do. I look at these photographs and am very moved by your incredible skills and commitment to helping people like this beautiful girl. Thank you for sharing this, Kristin.