Monday, 2 June 2014

Another Clinic Day

Well it is back to work.  We are now in the city of Guiyang which has a population of 30 million or the equivalent of the state of California.  We are working in a Stomatology Hospital.  It  is primarily a dental hospital, but in most of China it is where the cleft care is done.  We saw about 30 patients with the local surgeons, orthodontist, and speech therapist.  Once again the goal is to help them establish a center for the care of these children in a coordinated manner.  Of these six were thought to be good teaching cases and will be done with the local surgeons.


Some of the kids cooperated with us and were not so happy to see us.


This child presents with a complication that will be very difficult to correct.


And some just had cute haircuts.

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