Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Exploring Anshun

Today was a down day for the group that is going on to the teaching sites.  We had to wait for our liason person to finish getting the team settled and then we had a 4 hour ride to the new location.  Spent the morning taking a walk in town.

The construction that is going on is truly  mind boggeling. Row after row of new apartment buildings.  Apparently the government wants to move all the people in substandard housing into these new buildings.  This includes the many who do small scale farming.


Some of the construction and a site plan for one of the developments we passed.

Each city we passed had similar massive construction occurring.

Another part of the walk took us past a local market and one wonders who will supply the goods when everyone is moved off their farm.


Meat like this makes one a vegetarian.

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